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Why put Nitrogen in your tires? Nitrogen is a greener alternative

First of all, Nitrogen will enhance consistent tire pressure and save over $300.00 a year in fuel costs. Think it’s not important? Traffic accidents due to tire failure is 23,000 per year and 8,500 are fatal (NHTSA). Proper tire pressure will:

  • Reduce Catastrophic blow outs
  • Save Fuel
  • Extend tire life
  • Reduce overheating of tires
  • Lessen wheel and valve core corrosion
  • Decrease rubber deterioration by oxidation

Everyday in the US millions of gallons of fuel are wasted due to low tire pressure. Nitrogen will help sustain tire pressure, reduce emissions and tire disposal impact. Nitrogen a green alternative.

Is Nitrogen Explosive?

No, in fact, nitrogen is very inert and safe. It is the most commonly used chemical in the USA.

Can I mix air and Nitrogen?

Although you should maintain Nitrogen purity, there is no problem with mixing the two.
Call the service department you can trust at Mike Murphy Ford and ask how you can have Nitrogen put in your tires for only $5.oo per tire.

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